Spring 4Estate-wide maintenance, funded from the Estate Charge, is carried out on a daily basis by the Company’s contractors whose duties include road and footpath sweeping, mowing the grass verges, litter picking, removal of dog fouling and of any fly-tipping, emptying street bins, maintenance of grassed areas and shrubberies, pruning and leaf clearance, and the regular removal of all graffiti.

Road ramps, together with a speed limit of 20 mph, are intended to increase the safety of Estate roads and also to reduce their wear and tear.

Road surfaces and pavements are monitored and regularly maintained by BCER Ltd.

Residents are responsible for ensuring that parked vehicles do not encroach upon verges. Any damage that may be caused to grass, kerbs or roadways will be made good by BCER Ltd’s contractors at the expenses of the resident in question. Private works which require access by heavy vehicles should have the prior consent of the Company. For more information click here. Overnight parking of commercial vehicles is not permitted at any time.

The Estate Manager/Administrator, who patrol all parts of the Estate each week, also monitor the street lighting, graffiti, and any need for maintenance or improvement.