Neighbourhood Watch


(For the first half of the year, to June 2021)

Our friends in the Met – which includes the two Safer Neighbourhood Teams concerned with the Blackheath Cator Estate – have provided an update about what’s been happening on the Estate in the early part of 2021. The information covers slightly differing quarterly periods but does serve to show that lockdown has not precipitated a local crime wave. 

Four burglaries were recorded (one involving the smashing of a window and stealing of a laptop and some jewellery and another involving the forcing of a lock, though it is not clear if anything was stolen). There were 3 thefts from people, one theft of a bicycle, and 3 thefts from and damage to vehicles – including once again the theft of a catalytic converter, popular with thieves because of the rare metals they contain.

There was also a fracas between children, which escalated when the parents became involved. In addition to 5 other cases listed as actual bodily harm (no details given). 

There have also been scam email and texts distributed, claiming that a small payment is required to enable Royal Mail to deliver a package. It’s bogus. NEVER click on the email link or on any attachment provided and never offer any information in reply. Simply delete any such message.