Neighbourhood Watch


(For the quarter to November 30, 2020)

There was an incident in the northern part of the Cator Estate, when a man who confronted a prowler in his garden was hit over the head. The attacker has not been caught but has not returned to the house. On 26 November, two teenagers were attacked at about 5pm by three thieves who made off with their mobile phones.

There have been four cases reported of domestic assaults around the Estate. Some would-be travelling salesmen have turned threatening and abusive when they failed to make a sale, police have likened this to aggressive begging and have advised householders to call the police “if you have any callers you are unsure of”.

Police would be grateful for any images you may have of suspicious callers, see also the scam warning below. Garages adjacent to The Hall were broken into and a laptop taken. In Manor Way, a window was broken and thieves got in and stole jewellery. One other attempted burglary was reported.

A car was stolen from Blackheath Park, a Land Rover was taken overnight from Brooklands Park and a motorbike from Casterbridge Road during the day.  On the early evening of 23 November, the windows of a car were smashed and things stolen from inside, also in Casterbridge Road. In the same road a delivery driver was way laid and food stolen. Other vans have also more than once been targeted: the thieves were apparently after tools left on board and in one case, in Casterbridge Road, they found tools to steal. There have been several thefts of catalytic converters and mobile phones from parked vehicles.


  1. The Royal Borough of Greenwich has warned that crooks may try to benefit from the ending of free TV licences for the over-75’s by contacting people to say that there is a problem regarding their licence, or that they are due a refund and perhaps that they should go to a (bogus) website. Any genuine official communication about an existing TV licence will quote the licence number. You can check your licence number online at You can report an attempt of this sort by telephone on 0300 23 2040 or online at
  2. The Council have also noted an increase in unsolicited calls by rogue traders offering to undertake repairs to houses. Say No. You can report such suspicious offers to Trading Standards on: 07714 072979.