Building works

The Company is notified by Greenwich Borough Council of all planning applications affecting the Cator Estate. These are monitored each month by the Board, and where appropriate, objections or constructive comments are offered.

In order that we can maintain the appearance and tranquillity of the Estate at a high standard, may we please remind residents that construction work and deliveries of materials to sites are only permitted between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. on weekdays. Working at weekends is not permitted (this overrides Greenwich Council planning consent).

Residents intending to carry out building works can contact the office for a copy of the guidelines, or alternatively they may be downloaded from our website.

We appreciate that any building works are bound to cause disruption, but we feel sure you will share the Company’s concern to minimise damage to the Estate, and disturbance to residents, by following the guidelines.

To download a copy of the Building Works and Refurbishment Guidelines click here.

BCER levies a development charge on new/substantial development works, and also requires the entering into of a development agreement which involves the developer agreeing to abide by basic housekeeping aspects.  The charge is for wear and tear to BCER roads, which would otherwise have to be met from the frontage charge. Residents are asked to contact the BCER office at an early stage when considering any substantial development.